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Think Creative works to transform business processes and operational landscapes through the rapid training and deployment of Artificial Intelligence. Simply put, AI provides decision assist capabilities that enable decisions to be made earlier and more accurately than humans can achieve. AI thus allows automation, quality assurance, minimisation of variability, and significant business advantage through more effective classification, prediction and by the generation of actionable insights. AI solutions create an ever-available decision assistant, with vast resources, an endless gaze across otherwise impenetrable datasets, and thereby generates the capabilities to guide and improve business choices. This leads to the immediate improvement of business services, with traceable and measurable outcomes to KPIs, customer satisfaction and company profitability. This is achieved through leveraging the rich data assets that companies have built up over many years, but from which limited value has been achieved. In order to ensure speed to market, quality and repeatability, Think Creative utilise a suite of proven AI methodologies, archiectures, models and templates, mapped to industry and government use cases and process transformation models, which have been developed, tested, implemented and proven over the last 4 years. Business engagements are optimised through the utilisation of a tailored AI Value Realisation Methodology that addresses the risks surrounding technology innovation, and directly engages with business units to guarantee outcomes. Think Creative clients range across multiple industries. These include:

  • Health
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Utilities
  • Government
  • Telecommunications
  • Information Technology
  • Finance



We all know the world continues to change, yet in the last decade the pace of change has quickened beyond foresight or expectation. Our ideology is to embrace and champion this rapid fluidity. To drive the potentiality that Artificial Intelligence offers to revolutionise business and operational landscapes. Our consultants and developers are first and foremost proven industry professionals with extensive experience of operational technology, software engineering, and in delivering business applications. Each consultant is also a renowned specialist in Artificial Intelligence, who is leading the field in both academia and business in the creation of innovative new solutions. Our core focus is to work with strategic customers in order to design and build artificially intelligent solutions that deliver measurable value by transforming the way that companies work. By replacing the current static software programs and manual decision making, to implementing processes that are driven by predictive computers, trained on vast datasets, whose sophistication exceeds the availability, longevity, knowledge and capabilities of any specialist. All of our solutions are based on a proven AI Core, and are then customized to meet specific business requirements. With our competitors focussing on the commodity market, and where true business value remains on the slope of inflated expectations and at risk of descending to the trough of disillusionment, Think Creative cuts directly to realisable outcomes through intensive engagement utilising a specialist methodology and working directly with the business. Most importantly our solutions are on time, on budget, and are guaranteed to transform business decision making through delivery of measurable value.

We are pround to be a part of the AI Centre of Excellence

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Our core capability is to quantitatively improve business processes through introducing artificial intelligence into business landscapes. These capabilities, essentially artificial neural networks mirroring the workings of the brain, are trained on historical and often unstructured customer data which is rapidly optimised and cleansed for use. Prior to release, the AI Domain knows more than any individual in the organization, and becomes instantly available 24*7, 365 days a year. Moreover, once deployed, our machines continue to learn. Their decision making becomes ever more sophisticated and they thus became a highly valued digital worker enabling business units to excel in their tasks and to meet their KPIs. Our proven vision is for solutions that significantly enhance - rather than completely replace - the need for human resources. We provide an end to end design and delivery service, and specialise in integration into the existing corporate landscape.

Our solution focus is broad, with pre-built machine learning applications packaged in the following business areas:


Utilities / Mining


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